a sneak at my chloes

I originally set out to take "actual" photos outside, but it must have been a hundred and five degrees. I got sweaty and red within two minutes of being outside. Not to mention my pups tried running off with my chloes and my deer figurine was dropped and lost an ear : ( ! Overall it was a horrible little shoot and I'll have to just try it again when it gets cooler. Until then I took some photos in my room, again. Hope everyone has a good labor day.



Lies said...

I am so jealous of these Chlo├ęs, they have been my dream shoes for over more than two years or so, next to those Miu Miu's you also scored recently ^^

And I'm sad that your little shoot didn't work out but these pictures are rather lovely as well!

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

I wanted them for so so long. How I got so lucky enough to get my hand on both pairs of these magical shoes, I will never know. I still have my eyes set on a pair of miu miu platforms from ss 10'. Maybe one day.

with love,

Elsa said...

Oh I love them so much. These and all Chloe shoes. Can you tell me where did you get them?

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

Hello Elsa!
I actually just got incredibly lucky. I found
them while searching around on ebay. I would
just say check up on ebay every few days for
any shoes or items you want. :D


Janelle Haskin said...

Oh my! Delicious shoes! ;)


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