sweet lily

lily cole for french playboy, oct.08'

This is rather old, from 08', but I really can't seem to get over this way ultra girly nudie mag. I recently went digging in livejournals for larger scans since I haven't been able tot find an issue on ebay... or anywhere else on the oh so vast internet. If anyone knows where to grab a copy do let me know, pretty please.


Solanah said...

Aw I love Lily Cole, those pictures are adorable (can I say playboy pictures are adorable? Hm. I will).


the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

sloan, I thought the same thing. Me? wanting a modern playboy magazine? It seems that lily cole even makes women want to buy nudie mags.

with love,

zink said...

These photos are gorgeous! So glad you shared. I love your blog oh so much!



Angela Joy said...

i was totally confused because i couldn't believe she did playboy but then i saw "french playboy" and i got it :D

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