hannah metz lingerie kickstarter

pictured above: Hannah Metz & Alexandra Grecco.

Sooo, I'm a pretty big fan of the beautiful and incredibly kind Hannah Metz. For those of all who don't know of Hannah, her and husband, Landon Metz have a beautiful blog h e r e. Their blog is full of pictures to adventurous places, chiffon & lace vintage dresses, pretty "bums", and small glimpses into the Metz's everyday lives. Now Hannah Metz & her good friend Elvia are aiming to start their own lingerie line. In order to be able to start the line a fund has been set up with a breakdown of usage of funds, as well as gifts you'll receive upon donation of a few notes. I'm really hoping that everyone who reads this be sure to add at least a dollar or two to the fund. You can find the kick starter and other information h e r e.


hannah and landon said...

aww, shucks <3<3<3

Solanah said...

Thank you for posting about this blog! It's one of those that I can sit and read from beginning to end with a cup of tea, such inspiring images.


Connie T said...

Came across your blog, such lovely photography x


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