sunday reads.

I've been needing a little inspiration so I spent a little while reading and taking mental notes from russh and frankie. Sorry for posting so many photos but I just loved so many of them.  I've been obsessing about gorgeous rings and underwater photos. I'll be sharing my favorites soon. I'm also very excited about an issue of fudge magazine I found on ebay. I've been sneaking peeks at issues through Anja's blog for a while and can't believe soon I'll have my own tangible copy. I'm pretty sure Japanese and Hippie fashion is currently at it's all time high for me as of right now. I've been snatching up bohemian cream dresses and brightly colored vinyl toys off of ebay like no one's business. Any who, I'm up too early again, time to take a lazy mid day nap be back soon!

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rouli said...

amazin post!!!!!!!!

cool mag photos!!!!!!!!

love love every single one!!!!

keep in touch!



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