seeing stars

I worked all week. I've been eying so many beautiful things on ebay as of lately. I've spent all of my money up, and now am stuck inside doing nothing as always. I got word from a girl who came through my work who told me a buffalo exchange opened up in san antonio. I looked it up and it's true!! If you're not familiar with buffalo exchange, it's a shop that buys and sells vintage and other cool clothing. The one I typically go to in austin is pretty much amazing! I've found many magical items there, but who knows how good this one will be. I do know that I'll be selling some of my old goods to them when I go. Buffalo exchange is always a great place for fast cash, which I really need to save up for a pair of cat print miu miu pumps on ebay. .... the day I land my hands on a pair of satin cat print heels or a pair of '07 naplak heels will be the day my heart turns to mush.


kleinetanzfee. said...

oh what lovely pictures

Carissa said...

aww....lovely ;)

ryan said...

beautiful pictures : )

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