boring summer days

clown trinket jar:thrift
pink bow headband:anthropologie
purse:urban outfitters couple years back
sunglasses: karen walker
mirror and comb:anna sui
lace bed jacket:thrift

summer is now in full effect and I've been lounging and being as lazy as possible. Snuggling with bears and searching for fun trinkets at thrifts and online. You can see more of my photos via flickr.


k. said...

så herlige. <3

Lilpixie said...

everything is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

the anna sui mirror is divine!

Sjaar said...

wow! It looks like a shoot for a magazine or something.

rouli said...

amazin blog here!!!!!!!!

so much love all those pics!!!!!!!!

cool blog u have!

i already followed u!

pls come visit and follow me back if u fancy!



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