trip to the antique mall

that yellow hat is huge. its foldable and made for sitting in the sun.

close up of a gorgeous bathing suit.


gorgeous pink chiffon play suit. I must go back and get it!

And this vintage riding hat was in my hands up until the lat second. Totally impractical, but
it has a bow on the back and it's just gorgeous.

love these house shoes. they're only $16
and not a size 5!

how edwardian, I had to buy this.

I'll also be back for those silver sunnies.

Align CenterI wen t down town today and made a stop our favorite antique mall. I think Ive talked about this one before. this mall is in an old squeaky building. there are three floor filled to the brim with beautiful antiques. The second floor is by far my favorite due to the large quantity of luscious hats and vintage garments. The third floor has a record store filled with over forty thousand records. Every time we go Jonny leaves with a bag stuffed with extremely rare funk and disco records. I left with a few treasures myself, which will be in the next post. There were more photos to be taken but my camera died.. .of course. I guess I should have started the post like this but sorry I've been aways for so long. I've taken to lost, the show is amazingly addictive. The new season starts feburary the second so jonny and I are trying to fit four seasons of lost in our hectic schedule before then. Also I have some great vintage pieces that will be in the shop soon.

be back soon,
xx kirstine.


Anthem said...

wow, this stuff is amazing! I wish we had it in Australia


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

you've got such a great eye! i love the bathing suit & playsuit! those boots are amazing too!

zog_etiquette said...

anthem: yes I love that place! It's rally one of a kind.

rachel: thank you, and so do you my etsy picture twin!

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