a couple of parties.

new years eve.

& the disguise party.

I hope everyones new years was great. I spent it in austin which was pretty fun.
austin always has what seems like a million parties to attend. I later got into a car wreck which really sucked, but what can I say at least no one was hurt ect. The next day we went to another party in austin which was ok. Jonny played dj so we kind of had to go. The house was really awesome though, so in between changing out my fake facial hair I snapped photos.
I'll be back soon with new etsy item. I'll be thrifting and shipping items all day tomorrow.
yaay! Those are always my favorite days. happy 2010 !



Hannah said...

Hi Kirstine, thanks for your photography advice. I've always been a fan of your etsy shop but I had no idea you had a blog. I love it (:

Anonymous said...

amazing!! x

Adeline said...

hi! I'm commenting to let you know that you've been chosen by me Adeline from My Vintage Image to receive a best blog award!

get it here:

see post: your face against the trees

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