my new treasure.

this is my favorite item that I got at the antique store. I've been wanting a music
box for quite a long time and I finally got my wish. This music box is so much better than any I had ever tagged on etsy or ebay. It still makes music sporadically ever hour or so. I also got a that little bin you see atop, it was perfect for holding my shipping junk.


Christina said...

Oh, I have a music box like that from the Goodwill! My mother brought it home for me when I was seven or so, and I love it. I'm so glad you found one for yourself!

niftythriftyowl said...

adorable music box! I also notice that retro crosley radio! I love the look of it. It's my favorite color. Does it work well?

zog_etiquette said...

Christina: how lucky of you to have something so sentimental and most likely beautiful! xx

alison: yes I love that radio and it works well for me. I've heard that some of the new crosley's clocks stop working. It is gorgeous though and worth every penny even if the clock stops working. xx

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