this morning.

I tried on new lovely hats I received in the mail from the lovely Autumn of the etsy
shop. . .autumlauciano. I received a fabulous deal three amazing hats for $40. I thought
they somewhat resembled Luella Bartely hats, so they were a must have. There are of course
a few other things I stuck in the photos.

will be for sale on my ebay soon.

a new big straw bag, bought at the thrift the other day.

my antique coaster mirror thingy.. .

lipstain, star headband, and teensey things.


Stumbleine said...

The bubblegum hat looks adorable on you! I was tempted to keep it myself at first but I do so much better with plainer black vintage hats. I added two more hats to my shop finally. I'm glad you liked them!
Take care (o:

Diary of a Young Designer said...

The hat is beautiful. My sister has been working with that Luella bow for a while to put it to sell in our etsy shop. Hope you enjoy the hat, it's incredibly lovely and has a wonderful vintage feel.


gladys said...

That pink hat is gorgeous and it suits your raven tresses! I wish I was more brazen with my outfits and would actually leave the house in them!

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