a new etsy favorite - le petit shoppe!

le petit shoppe
(& her blog-tsilli, girly style memo)

I was wandering around etsy the other day when I came upon this shop full of lovely little items.
Sadly, none of them fit. I though that you would love these though. How much prettier could a piece of clothing get. Oh yes! did I mention that pretty much every item in her store is on sale? Go ahead take a peek.
In other news I'm working on some new stuff. I'm happy to announce that Gabby, my dear friend bought a cannon xsi that I will be forcing her to let me use. I am going to make a serious effort to update my blog with a whole new, just as dreamy & girly design. I hope to have more dreamy photography, adventures, and pieces or artwork posted up soon. I also want to plan some lovely giveaways, maybe I should do that first. ..I'm just not sure of what quite yet.

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Diary of a Young Designer said...

Absolutely beautiful designs! Love the first one. ^-^ And I hope you find some great girly things for your blog, though it is adorable as it is.


PS: I linked to your blog, if you'd like to link back feel free to do so. ^-^

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