pups & shoes



just wanted to pop in &
share a couple
things that I've been meaning to
share for a week or so.

new cuddler.
Jonny bought this stuff toy pup
when we went to austin. Its's
so teensy and soft. I named him mocha,
perfect fit with my other stuff animals.
chocolate {bunny, since I was 7},
coco { '07 v-day present from jonny}.

this is marcus's, a friend of jonny's,
eight week old puppy. It's a baby pit bull.
He's already a bit agressive, but marcus says he's
planning on working with him on his aa probelm.
He's adorable though don't you think?


I got these new shoes form the
anthropologie in austin.
I'm so terrible at wearing heels,
but these feel so great on my feet.
I've been wanting a pair similar to the
steve madden version for a while, and finally
found the perfect pair. These are a charcol
gray color. I always love a good pair of
t straps


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