did I mention ?

I went thrift shopping today;
wednesdays are half off at salvation army.
I bought a pair of converse for a buck.
They're spray painted white, but they
are still a good find.

ALSO! bought this jj heart guitar yesterday
from a goodwill. $40
It came in perfect condition with a case, & extra
strings. NO, I have no idea how to play
the guitar, but I guess I'll have to learn now,
wont i. Pretty much the whole guitar
is powder pink, & as you can see a heart is carved
into its middle. Sorry I did that cheesy one color
thing, I just love how its entirely pink!

I bought a lace & tulle
nightgown that will be turned into
an extra light over garment
& a pair of tulle laces for
the old/new cons.
I was thinking THIS
when making up plans for the shoes.
Not to mention tea cups, small
animals, warmth, & cupcakes
have been floating through my head lately.
It's that blog addiction I have!

top: the lace & shoes
bottom: $1 cards with a gold bee on the front
cover. I figured I could use these as
invitations to my birthday party
that will never happen. I don't have friends . . .

I went to Michael's & bought
these stamps.
-cupcakes & bunnies remember ?
each a dollar.
I used these for the shoes.
I'm not even close to being done,
but I'll get
it together & post up the finished product.

a cupcake instead of a
all star logo...

on the bottom some, bunnies up
the back seam. They need to be fixed up.

as I said I'll be posting the
finished product later on
.. .wish me luck!

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