love forever: Yayoi Kusama

I first learned about the eighty year old artist through the issue ten of Lula. One night I decided to stay up and actually read the editorials instead of just looking at the gorgeous pictures. After seeing and reading about Kusama's art I became obsessed with finding more of her art. Here's a quick break down of the article/her bio. Kusama was born in Japan and was abused as a child. Kusama sough comfort in art which began her obsession with dots. Later on in her early life she move to NY to escape what she though was a very conservative Japan. There she met and became good friends with such artists as Georegia o' Keefe. Kusama started participating and creating happenings and other large pieces of dotted art. Today she has gone back home to Japan, and lives in a mental institution in which she was self admitted. She says that she wants to leave behind a reputation when she dies that promotes love forever and her love for dots where her unique style is immortalized.


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Caitlin Shearer said...

Yayoi is truly a master of dreams!
If you ever get to see an exhibiton of hers, i truly reccomend it. Her work is mindblowing...
I saw her retrosepctive in sydney last year....
it had an entire blacked out living room with glow in the dark polka dots everywhere and neon lights so we all glowed too. then eternity rooms full of mirrors and crazy lights and sculptures and water underneath the raised platform we stood on. too crazy insane and beautiful to even describe properly.


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