yay for my first giveaway! I've been wanting to do a giveaway for so long now. I though with summer now in effect, sunglasses would be a great thing to give away. I purchased these off of ebay a while back and just never wore them. They are beautiful though, and will surely be a great addition to your accessory collection! They are authentic vintage sunglasses, with glass lenses and bits of glitter molded with the frame. Here are the rules for the giveaway:

  1. you must be a follower (via google blogger only)
  2. if you have a blog, create a post about the giveaway or use a photo of your choice (from above) to create some kind of ad for the giveaway. Please comment a link of the blog post or ad.
  3. if you don't have a blog you can leave a comment on how you would plan on wearing the sunglasses or where you plan to wear them at.
  4. most importantly please make sure to leave your email or some way to contact you in the case you win the giveaway
I will use a random number generator to choose the winner of the giveaway
on Monday, June 7th. The winner will be sent full details later. I plan on having many other giveaways throughout the
summer, so if you don't win this one they'll be plenty more chances!
This is the first time doing a giveaway so If I missed something and you have any questions about the giveaway just comment it below.



Charlotte said...

I looooove them!!
Here's the link to my advertisement thingy:
Thanks for putting these lovely things up for a giveaway!

Kaitlin Elizabeth said...

I have a blog, but I'm not posting right now, so I can't make an advertisement, but I can say that I loveeee these glasses. I fancy I'd wear them to the lake for a picnic, with a little white dress and some silver brogues, sipping lemonade, eating tuna sandwiches and tons and tons of snickerdoodle cookies!

Anonymous said...

No blog, but...

I would wear these to seduce an older writer man of whom I am a muse and object of affection. I would show up to his tiny studio apartment with my hair in a chignon. Bare-faced save for red-stained lips, wearing a slinky black sheath dress and some velvet peeptoe platforms, with the scent of exotic, intoxicating perfume lingering seductively on my decollete...


Eloise Wigger said...

I adore these sunnies!

I have a special place
down by the creek
where vines dangle
and on pontoon I sit

Curious turtles
whose company I keep
where the vines dangle
and on pontoon I sit.

This special place is where I would like to wear them. The turtles would love them too!

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