etsy favorites

a lot of these beauties have been bought up already, that or just not my size. I just thought I'd share some of the gorgeous items flowing through etsy right now. I didn't even realize until this morning how many of the lovely items I had saved had been bought up. I did just buy this pair of oxfords yesterday, which thinking about makes me a lot less sad about the loss of some of my favorite favorites. ps. don't forget to check out the shop!! I"ll be adding tons of spring stuff soon: sandals, floral items, small purses hats, ect. 


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Anonymous said...

I wish I could snag some shoes from etsy but I have the biggest feet in the world, it's so rare and expensive if I do. I love those glasses though, I've been trying to find some 40-ish glasses to pick up for the summer. Love the post.

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