8 am photobooth sessions

my 8am class was canceled today and so I decided to try out my iphoto booth for the second time. As you can see my eyes are still partially closed and I have yet to brush my hair. ps.the ipad came out today...and I think I want one. I think it would be the best thing in the world if I could buy an ipad and be able to load frankie, lula, russh mag, dharma bums, and all my heavy text books onto it. If done correctly ipad could get rid of my back problems, paper cuts, and cut my gas wasting trips to the one decent borders in town in half. Now to go thrifting. ...


Hannah said...

Ohh, 8am, I have not seen that hour for a short while and I really should have because I have so much work to be doing! You're selling the ipad to me too, and I wasn't at all interested before. They should send you a free one for that!

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

yes unfortunately I see it almost everyweekday!
hahha and YES they should!! that would be wonderful!!

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