sxsw part two!

us upon arrival at the american apparel factory flea market.As you can see on the sign below,everything was super cheap. I left with eleven pairs of socks, and  one circle scarf, for  $twenty-four bucks!...I have a serious sock addiction!

nothing but beautiful skies the whole time we were there

inside the american apparel tent.

downtown austin. we couldn't get into the ifc venue because we didn't badges or wristbands they had so many good bands  playing inside

on sixth street 


The little truck is ran by hey cupcake I was going to buy a cupcake but I didnt have cash Their original location on soco is a beautiful little silver trailer with cute pink cupcake on it


cool tattoos and beautiful  bikes were everywhere 


tree face!

sxsw lawn party


boys with nice shoes

jonny and dam funk


people watching

the star destroyer
from boston to austin 

this is malverdes in the light. It's gorgeous so I had to take multiples. This is the place we danced at the night before. I'm pretty sure that's mikey from the cool kids in the blue..

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