a sneak of new decor.

I'm still working on blog decor updates. I'm trying to create something dreamy, artsy, and scratchy. I'm planning to start another blog for my darker side, named nior. As much as I love vintage pastels, I dearly love the dark colors of disco glam, haunted houses, creepy dolls, and black lace. It also give me an excuse to draw up darker colored icons and blog decor! I'm just crossing my fingers, hoping that I'll actually be able to update both blogs, keep my grades up, and keep my etsy business going. It's a lot for one little person to do. I also really, really want to do a giveaway, but what is it that my subscribers love??? This will of course be a way to spread the exhausted etiquette joy, but for what, how. What would you love to have chance at winning??? Etsy stuff, new clothing, home decor, make up??? Remember, something reasonable, but definitely good....


xx, kirstine


caitlin shearer said...

did your prince tee arrive yet?

maggie said...

i think you should give away a one night stand =] for me. yeah.

zog_etiquette said...
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zog_etiquette said...

you crazy lady


rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...


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