new fall stuff up on etsy & some topshop buys.

sorry I've been away for so long, but school has me so tied up. I technically should be working on a paper, a presentation, and an art project butttttttt. . . . .I need a break. I actually got a bit of fall last week. As I've mentioned before I live in Texas. Our Fall/Winter season is sometimes... obsolete, so I was surprised to be sitting in the mists of fifty degree weather this early, as funny as that may sound to people up north. I ordered a few things from topshop that I'm deathly excited about. I also grabbed up a pair of vegabond shoes cecilie was selling, and this pair of pour la victoire shoes for fifty bucks!! that includes shipping. I'm pretty excited for the fall weather, and I have been thinking about it quite a bit while stocking my etsy shop. I've been focusing on tons of black, 70's browns and burnt oranges, body con dresses, jackets, oxfords, and ankle boots. In my last post someone wanted to see me with my bleeding knees club tee on, and as I promised in an earlier post I was to be adding fashion posts to my blog. I will, I will. I'm just a bit camera shy. I mean it's easy to look good when your teensy and cute like many other bloggers, but I'm not skinny. I'm a size large, and when I personally think of blogging I think of normal girls with curves and a modest clothing selection, but I'm not everyone. . . Any who, once I'm comfortable with an outfit, the photo set up, ect. I'll post it. Until then ....here's what I got!!

and here are new etsy items. I love the tights they just got in, reminiscent of this, all too perfect outfit. Remember!!! $5 off $15 or more purchases for followers, and that applies to multiple purchases. I've already had a couple different blog readers save money! I love cutting followers a break. If I haven't mentioned that a lot of my vintage/etsy picks are inspired by topshop, I'm doin' it now. I try pretty hard to keep my vintage modern, and I think I've become pretty good at it. . . . .

I have most of these items up for grabs, and will be posting some shoes, and a few more things soon. I've officially stopped selling vintage on ebay, so all my vintage finds are entirely for etsy. I just want to add that I love etsy. It's so much easier selling vintage and people are so much nicer . . . not to mention all the tasteful handmade and vintage goods I want. Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a tolerable Monday (haha!).



Anonymous said...

It's okay if you don't update that often...but i'ts really,really lovely when you do!
You're my new favorite blogger<3

hannah + landon said...

i love the cape! i think you do an excellent job at "modern" vintage!

kirstyb said...

i love topshop xoxoxo

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