I'm so excited to say that I have really gotten the ball rolling on my other blog/vintage store.
The blog store isn't actually new, just revamped. I had one blouse and a horrid header. As of now I only have two items, but they're FULLY functional. Each item listed will have pics, description and a "buy it now" button, using paypal. As for the updates on this blog...I'm still working on it. I cant decide whether to keep this look, stay with the pinks, or do a light cosmo thing. I also don't know what to give as a giveaway. Any thoughts? Any who here is the link to zog etiquette vintage. I will be working on updates all week. I promise that there will be a larger variety of items soon. Both categorically and price wise. I know the two items are priced "well", buuuuuuut I will only be putting my favorites there. I just had to show you what I've been working on lately, hope you enjoy.

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Diary of a Young Designer said...

That's great darling! Thanks to your post, I'm planning on opening a blog-shop also to get rid of some clothes I don't wear anymore b/c they just don't fit.


PS: Love the wooden shoes, too bad I'm a size 4-5, lol.

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