lusting. . .

I was bored and lusting after many things. I have collected twelve full pages of a favorites on etsy. Of course I can't afford all of the items, so I designed myself a space for all the items I would buy if I could. Not all items are from etsy, but I placed links to all of the items anyways. This is a very brave thing for me to do as I rarely share links to lusted items. Don't forget to take random peeks at my vintage store. I will be adding more items throughout the week. Some of the items will also be available on etsy. Most items listed in my vintage store won't be shared with my etsy store. Those that are share will be always be cheaper in the vintage shop! I also want to start coming up with special discounts for friends & followers. Follow the vintage store here. Follow the Zog Ettie here. && follow me on blog lovin' here! Have a lovely evening.

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Diary of a Young Designer said...

Super cute collage! Thanks for adding my bow to it! ^-^ Hope you can afford to get all your fave items soon!


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