weekend thrift finds.

I went thrift shopping today, as I do most every sunday evening. I stopped at two goodwills, and
both were having "manager specials" I found a lucious jackson cd, a bjork cd, & two yeah yeah yeah cds. I got them all for $2. Of course I also so found some cool clothing. At the first goodwill I found an Italian straw hat, if only I
could find a boater hat. Those things are too expensive for me to buy on ebay. I know I'll find one if I'm patient.
The second thing I found was a lovely little calico babydoll dress. Too small for me, I'll be listing tons of things on
ebay this week. The calico dress will be one of them. The next two things I found were a Gucci belt & a little
shoulder bag. Both cute, a little scratched up, but worth the buy. Last but not least were the cds on sale, the little striped
red & black dress at the bottom, & a laura ashley skirt. Most everything was very 90's, but I
watched ghost world last night & well I feel better about not having all of Inid's very cool clothing.

cut to the night prior
(ghost world vision)

the woven toed boots found
last thursday. will be up on ebay soon


hannah + landon said...

ohhh wonderful finds!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Oh! Love the straw hat.
Thak you for your lovely comment.
Yes I am a djette.

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