a spring batch.

so I don't think I've mentioned in any of
my past blogs that I have, or had,
a beagle that was pregnant.
It was a surprise when she got pregnant
because she is so young, but
nature called and now we have EIGHT
teensy newborns. They were born on Friday .
It was noon and the rain woke me and jonny up.
Jonny went to go open the garage door for the dogs.
He ran back to the room screaming, " Margo
had her puppies". I ran to garage and there was
Margo & a baby pup. By Friday evening she
had eight of them. They have now
been on earth for two whole days, and
already seem to be growing.
To be able to go into the garage and play with teensy
puppies has really made my weekend.
They are half chow chow, half beagle. I think most will
look like Margo, their mother.
Ahh amazing little babies. ..
want one?


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

oh my, they are the cutest thing ever!! :D

Ar + Zo said...

omg i want one!! are you seriously selling them? (wait, selling seems like the wrong word..) putting them up for adoption?

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