beautiful damage; grey gardens this saturday.

I felt a little inspired by
some girls wander
and all of the hbo trailers.
I'm excited to see the hbo movie, but will
be working while it's on. Perhaps I can record it.
I have no idea how to work that damn
thing, I'm sure I can figure it out.
I put together this "shop little Edie" thing.
I felt a little silly about making this. I
think I could have done better, but

it's something to look at.

shop little Edie:
vintage binoculars.
. . . .

vintage swimming caps.
. . . .

vintage heels.
. . . .

hbo @ 8pm
if you didn't (but most likely)
already know.


lauren♥ said...

i get so sad when her pug gets taken away =,( but yeah pugs are the best!!!

I just tagged you on my other blog =)

zog_etiquette said...

great, thank you lauren!

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