LULU... . I think I love you!

go buy shoes on sale at lulu's !

mid calf boots

I just got through taking some photos
for shoes & your mom.
She sells shoes for you so you
don't have to! I dislike ebay and
love esty, but many times etsy
takes a longtime to sell things. I've already
sold a few pairs of shoe in two weeks
and made over $200.
She charges more than ebay or etsy
typically does, but It seriously fine.
As she states she needs to eat too, plus
she provides a great blog to sell on.
I'll be sending her a few new pairs.
Be sure to go see all of her (our) shoes!
Jonny bought me these betsey johnson heart tights
an early bday pres. I though they would compliment the shoes well.

I also Bought a new headband that
i've been eyeing for a while at
anthropologie, for my bday of course!
One of my many gifts to myself.

slim fit combat boots

red dolly shoes.

pink dolly headband.

a new sweater&spring dress


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so so cute, adore the tights!!

lauren♥ said...

I love your heart tights! I do a thing on photos with hearts so I may have to steal this photo =)

I just bought the oxfords from u off lulu's shoe blog. I got them today and they are so cute! thanks for the super fast shipping!

zog_etiquette said...

It makes me very happy to hear that you love your new shoes! Feel free to use the photo, and thanks much for checking out my blog! I'm going to go take a peak at yours right now. Have a lovely day lauren!

lulu said...

Oooh I never got the first and last pair. did you decide to keep? You're blog is the cutest. Love you right back.

zog_etiquette said...

Oh my goodness LULU,
your the best!
I was a little nervous that
they weren't good enough
to sell. I'm sure someone
would love these babies

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