Cinderella dressed in ... .satin shoes.

Now that spring is officially here in
San Antonio I'll have to start finding
alternatives to warm tights and leggings.
I've been thinking a lot about socks and heels.
Especially after these inspiring photos.

hannah + landon

cherry blossom girl

dorothy's shoes of course!

teen vogue.march? 09'
(I know no heels, but still cute!)

top shop.spring 09'

modern heels
are a great match up for socks
pretty poof dresses, but
"Cinderella" shoes
. . . .

hannah + landon

.. .may just be the best!
here are some for sell.

flower toe satin heels

found at

white jewel toe heels

found at

brown beaded heels

on ebay
by seller

scalloped booties


rose satin heel

currently at

1 comment:

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are all so pretty! the modern ones & the vintage ones, i really need more shoes!! :)

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