I sent to lulu.

I sent these two lovely vintage items
over to lulu just now. I bought the top mini
on ebay, but it didn't fit me correctly. It needs a good
home. It's the most beautiful tunic I've ever held.
A good girl for a good garment.

the boots below were found today. I was
tempted to keep them, but I don't really wear boots
that often. Not often enough to keep.
They are in perfect condition, and are very cool
to say the least. I felt pony boy chic! . .. hhe hhe.

oh yes, the link to lulus is
here or in my widgets, under
shop shoes and your mom.

one last thing, the new pb&j is awesome.
Although I think most people hate when
good bands sell "in". At least I do.
click here, to hear.

1 comment:

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

such a shame the top and boots are both gorgeous!

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