barbara hulanicki, for topshop.

the barbara hulanicki
collection for topshop came out today.. .

so I bought a few things.

I hawked topshop hoping to be able to buy what I
wanted for once. I missed out on the Kate moss's winged
jacket. At 2:00am I started shopping and by 2:15 all of the queen bee blouses
had been bought. NO JOKE...I was furious.
I've noticed that some people buy up the topshop collections
and try to sell them for more on ebay.
ugggh! which is the most annoying thing ever.
(I know I shouldn't advertise for people who annoy
me but this could help a girl out.)
Just buy what you'll wear. Why must you be so greedy. In anger I took
two orders, on separate nights. I wasn't sure what I
wanted so went back for more.

I bought a pair of the baby blue heart sunnies, and
also posted a picture of the pale green. I hope
to buy a pair of those too. Well, I wish I would
have bought the pale greens instead. I also bought an animal
print pale blue dress.

here are the baby blue sunnies and a pair of
casual pink oxford flats. They're so adorable.

I also grabbed a striped red dress before they
were out, from the summer pirate collection.
As well as a girl print on cream dress.

once I get my stuff in I'll take some photos.

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