april 23, has passed

I guess I forgot to mention that I just had my 20Th
birthday. It was april 23. I was pretty depressed about it.
I know that sounds ridiculous, but honestly I'm horrified
to be "the big two oh". I'm afraid of getting old, paying tons
of bills, having, babies, & having to travel around in a rascal.
all of it gives me the shivers. My mom threw me a tiny
party at home. It was just my bro,sis,jonny, mom, dad, & grandma.
I received $60 bucks, $100 dollars combined to u.o. from
jonny's mom and bro, bj tights, and socks from jonny.
The whole thing was pretty quaint. I'm planning a summer picnic
soon for my birthday. School's over now, so I can
actually plan something fun like that. I'll get to that later.

some people who have my birthday:
Shakespeare, Shirley temple, Roy Orbison,
pascal & Sandra Dee.. .

the lovey bettie page's birthday is the 22nd of april... .
while going through my bettie page phase I
thought that was very exciting.
I think I've met a million people
with the same birthday. Well, at least four.

my baby sas, ash.

my goofy bro, gavin

my dog guapo, he's such a pain. He was the cutest baby.

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