So I'm currently taking a mini vacation in Austin.
The stuff above is some of the junk I packed
for my trip. Included is beauty products, clothing,
& cash.

Today jonny & I went to the SOCO district
of austin, which is a strand of really awesome
vintage, and thrifty shops. I took some pictures.
They aren't half as good as I wanted, but I didn't
want to offend anyone.

There were some really beautiful set ups
in this one store called uncommon objects.
I bought a few things. I bought antique
wind up clapping monkey (for my dad),
& a triangle mirror thing.


The next store was called off
the wall. I took a few quick shots
& found a great gold plated hour glass charm.
I found one of these on ebay a while
back for $110. I bought this one for $30

Next we went to a candy shop
called Big Top. It had a circus theme
& sold italian sodas, older candies not
found typically found in other candy shops &
candy in bulk. Jonny bought an italian
soda called tiger blood. It was delicious, and
included coconut & fruit punch-like mixture.
They topped it off with a teensy plastic sword
& gummy bears.

I also bought a few other things.
a leopard short jacket from an
amazing costume boutique in the
soco district , called lucy in disguise,
as well as a pink blouse.
I also bought the most amazing
cream lace dress from new bohemia.
All in all today was a good day. Its
nice to be able to be
doing what we love to do:
shop, eat, relax, & dig up new great things.
Tomorrow I will be trying to hit
up thrift chain stores tomorrow,
if jonny will let me. Most likely we'll
be finding some music shops for jonny,
& going to the more known stores,
like anthropologie
buffalo exchange, free people,


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