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I'm selling of a bunch of stuff on ebay. I probably would sell more, but I hate doing ebay listing, specially when I have to do a bunch of home work and other etsy listings. There are more item on ebay than shown here, and I'll be updating the photos as soon as I get a chance. If you see anything and have a reasonable buy it now price you'd like to offer let me know! I just got into a car accident and need every penny I can get, so please have a look and consider it a donation with a prize attached. :(

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Kayla said...

i'm keepin an eye on that Erin fetherston for Target blouse! I wear a 4/6 but perhaps it'll be cute oversized a bit?


Anna ♥ said...

pretty blog ♥

Anna ♥ said...

pretty blog ♥

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

Oh man, that black dress and black collar blouse are perfection. I would love wearing that under a little jumper.
Good luck with the listings!

The Velvet Bow said...

Mmm I love that black dress! Going to have a little peek now.

andrea said...

so tempted! I love the blouse with the peter pan collar. I think I?ll watch it.

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