antique inspiration.

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I've been so addicted to glittery golds and dark velvet dresses. I can't really afford a $170 topshop dress. I also can't seem to find any gorgeous antique hair clips, so posting about them makes me feel a little better about being without them. I did find these on asos. Aren't you just in love with that little golden beatle? I'm still addicted to tumblr, and don't know how long it will last. It's just so easy, and fun. follow me via tumblr.

ps. hope you all had a filling thanksgiving.


The Velvet Bow said...

That dress is divine! Well worth the money I think. I would love to take a time machine to be transported back into these photos!

Sarah said...

this post is delicious. you have such good taste.

samantha said...

You've a lovely blog. Love that velvet dress, reminds me of the pretty one Carrie of wishwishwish blogged about a few months ago. I do wish they made more affordable makes as well!



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