all in good humor

I recently came across le petit echo malade. It's a blog that basically does an amazingly good job at elaborately recreating photos from popular and mostly french female bloggers. Not only do they replicate the scenes quite well, they tend to have a sense of humor while doing so. I commonly get teased by my boyfriend and his brother, which is exactly what this blog reminded me of. Living with boys isn't always the easiest of things; with them pretending to be me by prancing around in my heels with their large feet hanging out the back end, or using my long hair as a second mustache while I'm not looking. I will say that living with them does ad character, as well as many hour long "giggle" sessions.


Lady Moriarty said...

Haha love it so much !

See U !

andrea said...

These are so funny! :)

andrea said...

That's so funny! Thanks for sharing :)

Maria said...

that's just excellent!

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