shoes:urban outfitters
ring:LuShae jewelery
nail polish:chanel

I originally decided to take these photos for LuShae jewelery, which was kind enough to send me the gorgeous ring pictured above. Eventually my photo shoot turned into a summer fashion post, slash review. The ring is incredibly adorable, and due to my recent obsession for nail polish and rings, it was a perfect thing to get to review. I've been searching high and low on ebay and etsy for the perfect heart ring, and although its not vintage, it goes so perfectly with  all of my outfits. I've also become obsessed with finding the perfect bohemian dresses. Every time summer roles around I can't help but wanting to only wear cream hippie dresses. I've found a few such as this one, this one annnnd this one. Here are a couple of my other favorite rings (one . two . three) from LuShae, as well as a better photo of the heart here. I'll be back soon to announce the winner of the vintage sunglasses!
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