south father

I went to south padre this last week, as well as camping [those photos later]. I went there last year with all my friends and we had a blasst last time, so we decided to do it again. This time we added on five more people to the trip so it was like a big party. Unfortunately the place we stayed was significantly "different" looking than the last place. I could of sworn the condo swayed every now and then : O ahhh! Fortunately most of the time we were soaking up sun on the beach, where I played in the waves and collected film photos from the tips of sand dunes. I haven't finished up all of my rolls of film but when I do I'll be posting those as well. I'm still not over a couple of songs I listened to while getting into beach mode; stones roses - I wanna be adored, and all of washed out's stuff. Well I have to go back to fighting mosquito bites and dirty clothes!!

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