a weekend in the woods

I have a final assignment due in my photo class very soon, so I decided to start shooting this weekend. Unfortunately my minolta jammed on itself and didn't work in time for me to shoot film. I did obviously take some digital takes. These were taken two days apart from one another, but It's rather hard to tell. These were pretty much practice photos until my camera get it's act together. This was shot in the wooded area of my friends apartments; Mitch and Andrea. They started building a cool little fort out of bones and sticks, and due to spring, all of the flowers were in full bloom. Andrea is the one in the top photos and me at the bottom of course. I was trying to do a few quick fashion shots. ...They never seem to work out! oh well!



Mamushka Marie said...

love the shots of the hats in the branches! how romantic! these are really quite adorable, and those oxfords are a scream! are they vintage?

Mamushka Marie

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

thank you, thank you!
yes they are. I was so so
happy when I found them.


Glamour Bbey. said...

Hi girl!
It's my first time that I visite you blog! It's really nice! Like your style too.

Can you check mine?
Maybe you can follow me too?
Love, Cindy

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