my birthday wishlist!

1.all apc. the dress is old, but still very much on my mind 2-3.sretsis sunglasses on maximillia 4.sretsis rings also on maximillia 5.cardigan, topshop dress, sswtr shoes 6.topshop dress, uo shoes, black apple fancy wearables 7.topshop smocks and rachel comey shoes 8.etsy gloves, topshop dress,apc flats.9.star headband on etsy at giantdwarf 10.kris atomic drawing and beauuutiful miu miu shoes!

last Friday was my 21st birthday! I pretty much celebrated from Thursday at the strike of twelve, until Sunday... It was the best weekend I've had in a long time! I ate way too much food, drank way too many fruity and delicious drinks, and got some nice gifts too. Jonny was the only one who got me personal gifts, rings and other trinkets. Everyone else just bought me drinks and gave me money! Before I even got any money I started planning out my birthday wish list, and here it is!
As I'm not rich and really didn't become rich thanks to my birthday, the majority od these item wil not be bought any time soon, but a girl can always dream right!



PinkBow said...

happy belated birthday to you! some great items on your wishlist.

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

thank you!!
: )))

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