lula #10

here are a few shots of lula issue #10 via blogs from all over. You can peak a few more pages from PinkBow and flickr. I just pre-ordered issue ten via this place. Thank goodness Sally Jane Vintage mentioned it other wise I'd be waiting three more months for my copy just as I did last time. Why must San Antonio be so behind!



Lauryn said...

I can't wait for this issue! I'd pre-order mine (because the bookstores are always SO slow to get them) but with 7 different covers I want to be able to choose which one (or two?) I get.

zog_etiquette said...

I know!! I want all of them!! I'm still trying to hunt down the other covers to five and six. I know that there are two different covers of ten on ebay as of now. I was thinking about picking them up. ...soo much money though!!


PinkBow said...

thanks for the link :)

zog_etiquette said...

of course!
you have the most wonderful
blog! ..and photos of course!


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