etsy favs.

some of these items are now in some other girls loving hands,
but they are still worth a look. I've slowly become come overly obsessed
with etsy. It's an unhealthy habit, but we all have our vices, at least mine is green.
By the way I stuck a few new items in my shop, I'm up to forty-four items. Forty-four seems
like too many to me, maybe it's time for a sale? I don't know! Anyways I'll be back soon
as I am trying to update things (etsy, the blog) a little more often, at least until I go back to school. Well back to christmas shopping.



hannah & landon said...

oh gosh, so much eye candy! it's too much! you have excellent taste.xx

Allure said...

You have one of the best vintage shops in etsy. I almost love everything you sell.

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