a lazy sunday

billy in kirstine ware.

caitlin's margot tenenbaum.



the sexual revolution !

aside from posting what felt like a zillion etsy items I pretty much just sat around doing nothing too exciting on sunday. I caught a documentary on the sexual revolution on vh1. I never watch mtv or vh1. Usually I just watch cartoons and other wonky shows, but somehow I landed on vh1 and it was surprisingly a success. ... I decided to tune into to my usual cartoon shows as soon as some strange metal show came on. The host was wearing a slipknot tee shirt.. . Even mentioning that band makes me a sad for music. Anyways, the bear is jonny's. I was told it used to be a white polar bear. It's more of like a gray blueish mutant bear. We lost the eye about a year ago, but I think all around jonny's bear, billy, looks pretty good in his old age.


hannah said...

i am so in love with billy the one eyed bear! he's personality plus!

Seven Silver Curses said...

I love that bear so much! It reminds me of one I had as a child. x

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