pesqueira makes me happy : )

spring . 10

I came upon this line after a bit of linking from cailtin's blog & her mention of nicola diary , where her drawings are hiding ; ) . I love simple clothing, as it's so easy to throw on & go. Not to mention that I'm always a huge sucker for sailor tops, whales, and adorable animal shaped purses,...minus the actual animal. Although I'm sure the bag is most likely made of leather... As much as I love spring & all of the great new lines that just released for spring & summer, I'm very much mentally involved with fall & winter clothing. Below is pesqueira's winter '09 line. I love how they kept the sailor look & panda in both. I don't think I like the very bottom two outfits much, but the top two almost make up for them. Either way pesqueria made me happy , & I thought I'd share.

winter . 09

ps. unfortunately I don't know how to go about purchasing the best purses in the world, or cat leggings, but maybe I could go do some etsy & thrift sifting & try to get close??

pss. weekend sale in my etsy shop!

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caitlin shearer said...

im so in love with your etsy shop.
i check it at least twice a week!

did you happen to send my parcel yet? and did you happen to receive the tee yet??

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