I bought a new storage "thing". I have become semi obsessed
with containers. Whether it be something I can stuff my necklaces in,
or something to store my toys & paints. I need all the storage space & containers
I can get. While keeping all of my possessions organized I might as well
keep my storage as appealing. . . I ran across this decent sized bin at Ross.
I haven't been there in a while. I usually pick up flats, socks, and knickknacks there.
It's powder pink & covered in polka dots & a few scattered bows, I love it! While
reorganizing my undies & socks I realized I had quite a bit more of these items
than I ever realized. I have a ridiculous sock obsession! Underwear is always a
huge weakness for women, at least for me. The day before finding my new bin I went to
Victoria's Secret for sale. Four bucks for a pair of extremely cute undies, I think YES!
I picked up a bottle of the "sexy little things" NIOR. I've been eyeing it for a while. The bottle is
gorgeous annnnnd it came with free NIOR lotion. While buying it I couldn't help thinking of
Vince Nior from The Mighty Boosh. Future Sailors anyone? By the way here are a few lingerie shops.
Sorry my postings are all over the place. It's a terrible habit, I know.



lori said...

I love such boxes too, and it looks really nice with the dots *jealous ^^
If you don't know: it's a hat-box.
greetings, malloriechen

caitlin shearer said...


thats sweet. please dont hesitate to comment on my blog. theres no such thing as too much! :)

your t shirt has been mailed too, so its flying its way over to you as we speak.


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