tiny things are cute!

tiny things are cute.

I got a few things in the mail today. one package from ttac, or tiny things are cute. A few teensy deers, tiny metal tea set, plastic domes, and a dolly planter. I'll be using the planter as
a pencil holder. Soon enough it will be full of random earrings, rings, and hairpins, and maybe one or two pencils. .. I love everything I got at ttac. I'll be playing with these things quite a but I'm sure. I also bough a pair of powder pink headphones. I've been wanting a pair for a couple years now. They're so pretty & girly. I was very close to buying a pair of these. I'll probably still grab a pair. Oh yes, you should go to tiny things are cute right away. Here's the link.


hannah + landon said...

i want all of this! so cute!

zog_etiquette said...

I'll be playing with them all too often. ;)

Cellar Door said...

I love the metal charms! Why are tiny things so desirable? Perhaps cos they make you feel like a little girl again?

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