some new vintage finds.

I've been trying to stock up on vintage clothing for my etsy.
I've been trying to lean more towards fall fashion and colors.
I just listed most of these items. All but the wednesday dress is still
avaliable, so if you want anything then have me reserve it for you.
You can also purchase the item of course. I'm now offering $5 off for all
of my blog followers (google of bloglovin). The item has to be at
least $15 or more not including shipping. Have a quick peek. . .


Anonymous said...

i love i love i love you. please update.

Wicky said...

lovely lovely lovely!

zog_etiquette said...

I'm so glad you guys like them!

Lali Cristina said...

ha! I knew it was going to be worth to visit you cause you love Eno and readio dept :)
I found you at the odd fifi lapin's bday post <3 cool blog! :)

Corina said...

I love those socks, they are awesome. Your posts are quite inspiring, thank you for that.
Feel free to visit my blog as well, at:http://acircleofquiet.typepad.com/

Lali Cristina said...

may be and just may be my fave :3

Penny said...

They're all lovely, but the love heart socks! Yay!

Anonymous said...

the socks are so cute and i adore the shoes.
I love.
Tomorrow x

hazel said...

(that's me freaking out)

the black dress is amazing amazing amazing.
i've been searching and SEARCHING for a purrfect Wednesday Adams but i might as well stop since YOU ALREADY FOUND IT!!!

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