from austin.

austin is always of comfort to me. It's a small city, with tons to love.
I unknowingly bought from an etsy store from austin. I purchased a pair
of ivory cream rose earrings, and a rose hat ironically marked as made
in san antonio. They're both gorgeous, and I've been wearing the earrings all
weekend. For fourth of July weekend, Jonny's mom asked us to go up with
her to Austin for her high school reunion. We happily tagged along. We
didn't hang out at her reunion, but made stops at our favorite places in Austin.
I found these three photos at uncommon objects (be sure to see the peep show)
on Sunday. I couldn't put
down the photo of the woman
in the vanity. It was $10, but well worth it.
I'll most likely be tossing these
onto my flickr page. They should be flipped there; for a better look.


Lisa said...

Wow really beautiful pictures! I love the earrings too!

Aminatha said...

J'adore ton blog.
Il est vraiment beau.
La bise.

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