ALICE: by jan svankmajer.

so I some how stumbled upon this movie while lingering on ebay. I've never heard of this Jan Svankmajer's version of alice and wonderland. He supposedly has influenced people like Tim
Burton and Terry Gilliam. I accidentally bought it on VHS and had to buy a VCR. The quality
is perfect for the age the film was made in. Everything is so wonderfully cheesy. I now have
a huge stack of video cassettes including ren & stimpy, Tommy, by the Who, and Annie Hall.
If you haven't seen Svankmajer's "Alice", go see it.


Shallow Mallow said...

If you don't clos your eyes you will see nothing :-)

I love the animation and there is a certain uncomfortable creepiness to Svankmajer's work too.

Solanah said...

Ooo, I saw the first ten minutes of that and was so creeped out :)

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