new vintage finds:sunday!

yes, I love these too(shoe).
& for $3 how could I go wrong.

I went to the thriftown & found tons of shoes, mostly
shoes that had a woven area to them.
I'll be keeping most of them. I spent $50 at the thrift,
which I never do. I just couldn't leave knowing
that I would be receiving a bunch of amazing
socks from topshop I could wear them with.
You know the ones pictured here. I have a couple of
the shoes I'm keeping below that aren't marked
as keepers, like the pink heels. I also have tons of purses
and dresses up in my ebay shop.

visit the ebay shop.


Lauren said...

You're so lucky! I never find things like these beauties.

x x x

cait harri said...

Your shoes are perfect!

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