new sunnies.

I went to Austin over the weekend to see peaches. Instead I ended up getting a mild uti (a few days before the trip)
and couldn't drink even after the peaches concert was yes, cancelled! Jonny and I stayed in the room and ate junk
food. Jen, Allison,Danielle and Ernie hung in their room and then went to sixth street. If you're not familiar with
sixth street it's a street total occupied by bars. I'm glad that they at least had a bit of fun. Jonny and I decided to make it
up to ourselves by going and shopping the next day on soco. It was dreadfully hot, I would say about 93-94 degrees.

I had to do it.. .

my hair is extremely messy in these photos, and I don't care. The new sunnies are from Austin of course, buffalo exchange to be exact. They had some cute stuff, but not much worked out. I sold a few things, enough to purchase a vintage sweater
the sunnies and the heart purse above.

sunnies:no label, buffalo exchange
dress: anthropologie spring '09
bag: no label, buffalo exchange
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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bisou-joue said...

great sunglasses !

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