i can't live without you.

I feel so late.
I just remember finding snail and the cyclops first out
of all other blogs. I landed upon the blog in a random
google search and book marked it not being sure of exactly what it was or
if I would ever land on it again. I of course have my own blog now, and I
feel like I have unlimited excess to online fashion magazines thanks to quite a few very cool bloggers.
No one that I know has a silly blog like me, and I tend to get teased outside of my little
as I call it "blog digger" world, but it has really helped me so much with
my clothing and fashion. Before making up this silly thing I though urban
outfitters was the best store that had ever existed, not knowing
about topshop. I just bought a bunch of junk from
topshop, but still feel so utterly incomplete. I feel like I can't live with out these,
or the first issue of Lula which happens to be up on ebay.
It's currently at $189.06.arrrgh! This is what I get for being late,
but at least I grabbed an issue of Lula # 7 while it was still reasonably priced.
I know I can't have all of these things, but many girls with real jobs just
make it seem so easy to grab hold of these items without running out of funds.
Unlike them I just resell vintage to make a quick buck, which seems to go over pretty well.
Speaking of which, today is half off salvation army items (customer appreciation wednesday!)
Perhaps since I've made it until 7 o'clock I'll just head on out to shop in a few, or not.
My sleeping pattern is terrible.

here's what I got; tomorrow I'll post
home photos of my stoof!

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